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Researching The Products You'd Like To Promote Is Very Important!

Pick a niche product and research it to find out if it's going to be a viable topic or subject to promote! DO NOT skip this step because not all products that are available to promote will bring good results or any results for that matter.

By researching your product first you will avoid wasting a lot of time and possibly money in the long run!

Finding a profitable niche should be the very first thing you do when starting each affiliate marketing endeavor.

You want to get into a product that is HOT! If you decide to promote a product that isn't very hot, don't expect to make any substantial money with it...  The reason I promote 12 Minute Affiliate (banner at the top) is that it is a very hot product.

People are interested in the niche that this product is in. The reason why is that it's presented in a very professional manner, it's so well marketed, & it has all the tools the affiliates need to use to promote and make money!


Tools To Use For Your Research To Find Out What People Are Looking To Buy.


Here are a few simple tools to use to find out more about what the market is looking for... Bestsellers

Amazon gives you a quick and easy way to find out what's hot on their site. It is a very helpful tool that provides a clear indicator of what the buying market is looking for. This tool alone makes it very easy for you to put yourself in the path of oncoming web traffic and start making sales.

You can sell everything on's site (which is billions & billions of products) just by simply signing up for an Amazon Affiliate Program.

With the tool you just learned about (best sellers section), you will know without a doubt which products are selling, giving you a huge advantage over someone that didn't do any research on what they want to promote. They even give you access to a Top10 list for each category, giving you more content to read so you can make great articles, reviews, and even blog posts.

This is just another idea & another tool to use to stay ahead of most other affiliates that think market research is a waste of time! You be the judge of that when you start earning commissions on products you advertise and promote.


eBay Pulse Tool

Here is another great place to look to find out what the hot products are. If a person is looking for something to buy and they are looking on eBay, then chances are that they are also looking on Google and Amazon as well...

Ebay Pulse gives you a real-time look at what people are looking to buy.

Just simply log into eBay and do a search on "completed items" and it will tell you what people are selling, how many items have sold, and even the average prices they sold at!  You should look for items with bids for yet another way to figure out what people are looking for...

Terapeak is another excellent way to do your market research. When you go to go to Hot Research, sort it for "likes on eBay Pulse." When you do this it will give you an up-to-date listing of what's hot on eBay.

You can then drill down deeper to get an idea of some of the different auctions that are going on. If there are bids, this is a good item to become an affiliate for.

Go To "Hot Research" > "Hot Searches" > & Then Search

Remember that a good average price is above $30.00, with a good commission rate of no less than 40%, and obviously the higher the better. Also, don't go for the best/high-end products that are priced at above $125 because you should save those kinds of products for after you get good at being an affiliate. I only say this because this takes a little different kind of promoting on your end to get results with high-end products...

When you are serious about becoming a good affiliate and earning good money you need to get yourself an auto-responder so you can send out emails automatically to your contacts 1000's at a time if you have that many.


The Auto-Responder That I Recommend Is...


A great auto-responder that I recommend is Aweber and here is why I say that! I say that because this is the auto-responder that I have been using for the last several months and I love them.

Not only are they very well priced (cheap), they have really great support that is very knowledgeable about their service. They have 24/7/365 live chat support as well just in case you have a late-night where you are working on a campaign and get stuck and don't know what to do, even at 3:30 am or something like that lol (because that's usually when something like that happens.)

All you'd have to do is click the live chat link and you'd get connected to somebody in just a few moments. You will then let them know what your issue is and they will help you do whatever you need help with. I have needed them to change my DNS record settings for me, figure out why my list wasn't doing what I wanted it to, set up my DKIM settings for me and they are great.

I had an ongoing issue with a list of mine that took a while to fix because they had to get ahold of their developer department to fix some kind of code. After they fixed the problem they also gave me money back for that month because most of that month I couldn't really do what I was wanting to do!

So I fully stand behind them... To get your free Aweber account you can watch the video below for more info... Or you can just click the button below the video screen.




I really hope these series of posts are helping you guys and gals out in your online marketing journey... Most successful marketers have a number of different income streams, so the more you learn how to do the more you can potentially make...

So I have an opportunity for you if you'd like to hear it. It is a domain flipping course that shows you how to buy expired domains (that are still getting traffic to them) for a low price and it teaches you where to go and how to promote your newly acquired domain for a cool easy profit. If this sounds like something you would like to learn about just click this link below, you can't miss it...


Good luck with whatever it is and whatever path you decide to go down...

Your Friend John,


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