Affiliate Marketing…Where To Begin?

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Where Should You Start Your Affiliate Marketing Journey In The Vast Sea Of Affiliate Marketing Opportunity?


Where should I begin? Affiliate marketing ads are everywhere! Who do I trust and which road should I take in this confusing mess of a road map!

I believe this is something that all new marketers ask themselves when first starting out...

I know I found myself in this exact position & asking these same questions. It took a lot of learning on my part to find out which direction to go in. Now looking back on it I know where I should've started and I think I'd like to share this with you just in case you find yourself in this same bout floating in this vast sea aimlessly, not knowing where to turn or in which direction to paddle the boat!

Let's start with an affiliate platform called ClickBank! ClickBank has been in business since 1998. They have built their network to one of the largest retailers of digital products.

Their platform is super easy to use, easy to join, and they have so many product categories to choose from. They have categories ranging from electronics all the way to pets and everything in between.

You're sure to find something to promote there! The formula is simple in theory. You just need to remember your affiliate ID/ClickBank nickname(you will know which one it is when you sign up for ClickBank) because you will need it.

So when you find a product you would like to promote(share the link with people) you'd just click the promote button beside that product description and it will generate a link called a hop link. Keep this link in a notepad or somewhere you can get to it easily.

How Do I Earn Commissions From ClickBank Now That I Have My Link?


So now that you have your link to that product you can now begin to promote/share this link on your website or blog or anywhere you write content. When people click on this link and make a purchase then you will get a commission from it. Now, this commission doesn't come from the customers' side, it is paid to you through the ClickBank platform by the vendor of that product.

ClickBank will keep track of every click and every sale that you generate through that link, this is the purpose of the hop link that you have. These affiliate networks generally require that you have a website that is related to the affiliate product you'd like to promote.

However, this is very easy to do these days. You can set up a blog at,, and the like. My advice is not to settle for a free site as you DO NOT have total control over your website! I understand you may need to do this in the very beginning, but I would not make this a long-term solution at all.

It's worth the little bit of money to pay in order to have total control over your site! I only tell you this because if you're using a "free" site you may go to log in and your whole site is gone. It's been known to happen, where your whole site gets deleted because you may have unknowingly done something they didn't like or approve of! When the site actually belongs to you (you own it) then nobody has the right or authority to delete it. This way you will not lose weeks or even months of website content with no way to get it back...



Steps To Take To Creating A Website!

You need to set up a website so you can start producing content and start doing product reviews or anything similar or whatever and however you want to promote, that's the joy of being in control of your site.

  1. Choose a domain name
  2. buy hosting
  3. set up SSL to secure your site
  4. start writing content or paying someone else to do it
  5. start promoting affiliate links and start getting paid

Steps 1-3 can be achieved through the hosting companies above or below... just click on the banners. Each of these hosting companies is well known and has top-notch support with one-click WordPress installation available.


Big Discounts for Domains, Hosting, SSL and more


You can also have a whole affiliate website created for you from scratch through the link below(red text)...




Why Use Clickbank If I'm Just Starting Out?


Clickbank is the only affiliate network that doesn't require you to have a website, so it's considered to be more of a fast-track way to start really. Start an account for free at

Below is a list of sites that you would need to have a site set up so you can promote products from their sellers... When you set up your website you need to make sure you have a "contact us" page, an "About Us" page, and a "Privacy" page on the site. You should also consider having a few weeks of posts at the very least.

Have a website set up for the following sites:

You can also monetize your site through the Google Adsense program, but...

LOL, yes there's a "but"

I'd wait at least 90 days before putting Adsense on your site. To ensure that you will be accepted to the Adsense program, it's best not to apply until you have an established site to show them.

Once you have an established website to show them then you can go to

These two are secondary and shouldn't be considered until you've got your sites up and running for a few months.

Remember, before you apply to any of the other sites make sure you have a real site. You will need to blog on your site for at least two weeks, one blog post per day.

If you aren't a writer you can easily hire a freelancer. You can go to Fiverr for any of your website needs, including logo creation, graphic creation, intro creation.

You can also go to,, and the like to further your search if you can't find anything on the Fiverr website!

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