Here’s Why You Need To Use Landing Pages

Here’s Why You Need To Use Landing Pages

All the products that you want to sell online are all ready to go. You have already signed up with the Google Adsense program or with other affiliate marketing programs and you have already prepared the ad you want to post on your affiliate’s site. Your mind is now set to becoming the next most successful online businessman.

But is there anything else that you might have forgotten to prepare? How about your landing pages? Have you thought about your landing pages? Are they all set up and ready for your business?

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Landing pages are simply web pages where visitors are directed to go to whenever they click on a link in a web search or whenever they click a web ad.

For affiliate marketing, landing pages would refer to the web page where you, as a merchant, would want your potential customer to be directed after clicking your ad on your affiliate’s website.

Landing pages are, at most times, nothing really different from other web pages on a particular website, especially if the said website is an e-commerce site. Some online businessmen would even use the homepage of their websites as the landing page for their ads. Are these businessmen making a big mistake? Or should you follow their method in creating landing pages for their ads?


Well, you can always follow what most online retailers do, directing their potential customers to the homepages of their websites. But if you want to achieve something more from your online business, and if you want to earn a lot more in profits, you better create a special landing page for your web ads.


Here are a few reasons why you need to use landing pages for your web ads. And you're gonna want to take note here, it would do you a lot better if you create a great landing page than a so-so one.

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Reason no. 1: It is the only way you earn conversions in an affiliate marketing program.

There are a variety of affiliate marketing programs today, but most of these programs let the merchant pay the affiliate in a pay per click basis.

So basically, all you have to do is sign up with the program and submit your ad. The program owner would then distribute your ad to various affiliates who would then place your ad on their websites. The idea is to spread your ad far and wide.

Whenever your ad is clicked, a visitor would be directed to your landing page and you would have to pay the affiliate for his service.

As a merchant, you earn money in an affiliate program through conversions—that is whenever a visitor that is directed to your site actually buys a product on your site. Without these conversions, you actually earn nothing from the program. Also, the more visitors that your affiliates have directed to your site, the larger your expense would be. The only way that you can recover from these expenses is through conversions(sold products)

Now, you sure won't get any conversion if you have posted an ad on your affiliate's site without an actual landing page for the potential customer to be redirected into.

It's no different than advertising a product online without actually having a store to sell your product in. Your advertisement may be enticing enough to encourage people to purchase a product, but without the landing page, how will they know how to purchase the product

It is therefore important to have landing pages for your ads because it is the only way for you to earn something in an affiliate program. Without landing pages, all you do is spend money paying your affiliates without actually getting anything in return.

Reason no. 2: Other web pages may just not be enough.

Many people make the mistake of making their website's homepage as the landing page for their ads. The same is true for those who make use of other pages like a "contact us" page or a product page. Homepages are often designed to serve multiple users and contain a lot of links to other pages or to other websites.

The same is with the other two pages mentioned. If you want to be successful in an affiliate program, we're sure that you don't want your landing page to cater to the needs of various people, most of which may not be really interested in your product.

When you're choosing a landing page, you must always have the customer directed into that page in mind. Therefore, your landing page must be relevant to the keywords and the contents you placed on your ad. It is also important that the landing page can induce your visitor to take action—that is to purchase your product or at least provide leads for potential customers.

Final Word

You probably entered into an affiliate marketing program with these things in mind: to save on advertising expenses and to gain more profit. But if you get into an affiliate marketing program without actually having a landing page, you'll end up paying too much without getting anything in return.

So if you still don't have a landing page for your ads, you better start creating one now. And don't get us wrong; it isn't enough for you to have just a landing page—it should be a great landing page!

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With all of that being said, I hope your online journey is an excellent one. Leave us a comment and let us know if this article was helpful to you and if you understood what a landing page is really all about! To Your Success, Your Friend In Profits ~John~

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