The Groove Magazine Launch (And A Surprise Announcement!)

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Surprise Announcement By Groove Magazine...

Months of waiting

After months of anticipation, the Groove Magazine is finally here.

In typical Groove fashion, the company made the announcement with an epic launch party.

The launch party happened live via webinar with co-founders, Mike Filsaime and Donna Fox.

And I must say, what an exciting event it was!

For over 2 hours, Mike and Donna shared the details of the all-new Groove magazine, along with the vision of the product and the future of the company.

Not only that, but there was also a HUGE Groove announcement that came along with it.

Some may call it a double-header, or a one-two punch.

I call it a game-changer 🙂 LOL Who am I, right? I mean...

...Well, it doesn't mean anything coming from me because I am a nobody, so if you want to learn all about it, I recommend that you catch the replay of this live event.

The good news is that it will still be up for the next few days, so you have plenty of time to check it out.

If I were you I wouldn't miss this for the world, my friend!

Click here to relive the moment in all its glory before it gets taken down for good.


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