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What Is Google?

Google is really a multi-national, publicly-traded company that's built around the company's hugely popular internet search engine.

Google's roots return to 1995 when 2 college students, Sergey Brin and Larry Page met each other at the University of Stanford. They had collaborated on an investigation project which was to, over time, get to be the Google internet search engine. BackRub, (as it was known then due to its analysis of backlinks), stimulated curiosity about the college research work but didn't win any bids from the main portal vendors

Being unphased by this, the founders gathered up sufficient funding to start and in September of 1998, they began operations in the Menlo Park area of California from a garage-located office! In this very same year, PC Magazine put Google in its top one hundred internet sites and SE's for 1998!

How Did Google Get Its Name?

The word 'Google" got chosen because of its similarity to the term googol (which is a particular number comprising of a number 1 followed by one hundred zeroes), referring to the vast quantity of information on the planet!

Do you have any idea what Google's self-stated mission is? They said that their mission is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful!"


Who Were Some Of Google's Main Competition Back Then?

Some of Google's main competition included AltaVista, Excite, Lycos, and Yahoo. It only took just a few short years for Google to become so much more popular than the rest that its name had turned into a verb for conducting a Web Search... Nowadays individuals are far more prone to say that they Googled something rather than saying that they looked for something or that they searched for something.


What Takes Place When You Do A Google Search?

Whenever you take a seat at your PC and perform a Google search, you're very quickly given a summary of results from all around the web. So how does Google locate web pages that match your search query and decide the order the search engine results are shown in?

There are 3 main aspects to providing search engine results and they are Crawl-ing, Serving, and Indexing.

Crawling may be the process through which Googlebot discovers updated and new web pages to be put into its Google index.

Google makes use of a huge group of computers to fetch (or "crawl") vast amounts of pages online. This program that implements the retrieving is known as Googlebot (also called a bot, spider, or robot.) Googlebot utilizes algorithmic processes: computer programs decide which websites to crawl and how frequently and just how many web pages to retrieve from every website.


Google's Crawl Operation!

The crawl operation starts with a summary of website URLs, these are generated from its previous crawl operations and supplemented with Site Map data supplied by WebMasters AKA website builders. As Googlebot crawls all these sites it picks up links on every webpage and adds these to its increasing list of web pages to crawl.

Newly created sites, alterations to current sites, and any dead links are made note of and utilized to update Google's index. Googlebot assesses every one of the web pages it crawls to be able to compile an enormous index of every word it observes and its position on every single page. Additionally, it processes information contained in main content attributes and tags, for example, A.L.T. attributes and Title Tags. So whenever users search (Google something) Google's computers search their index for corresponding web pages and get back the outcomes they believe would be the most highly relevant to consumers. Relevancy is dependent upon over 200 facets, among that is the PageRank for the confirmed page.


What Is Google Page Rank?

IN SHORT~Page Rank is really a link assessment algorithm named in tribute to Larry Page. (this is something I didn't know before doing the research and typing this post!) It is utilized by Google's Search engine to ascribe a numbered weighting to every part of hyperlinked document groups, for example, the internet, to gauge its contextual importance in the set. More on this in an upcoming post!



Why You Should Care About Getting Google Traffic...

Most people that are in marketing believe that achieving top spots in Google means having a greater chance to make money online from your efforts, thus obtaining one more income source. This is absolutely true! Let me tell you this, that getting high rankings in Google doesn't the only amount to income. There are lots of other great benefits you ought to consider when it comes to your goal of having a high Google search engine results positioning. Below are 4 major benefits you need to know about:


  • Passive Traffic

A higher ranking in Google means passive traffic, meaning traffic continuing to come to your site without you doing anything. The initial effort and work you've placed on your site are actually starting to repay you. The traffic can come every day and remain for a long time. For this reason, this sort of web traffic is essential for any online business.

AOL leaked an incredible number of search details in August of 2006. Some SEOls poured over this information to check out clicks data relative to ranking. Predicated on this data, if you're ranking 8, 9, or even 10 then you may boost your traffic for a keyword by 1400%. Even if you would move from #8 down to #3 can still even triple your web traffic. Optify researched search traffic by ranking in December of 2010. It showed a virtually identical profile to the leaked AOL data.


  • Auto-Pilot Income

Because of passive traffic, you could have an online business running on auto-pilot 24/7! This means that you'd generate revenue automatically. You would make money even while you are sleeping, eating, or even while you're on vacation somewhere remote. Your company would continue to be working and generating income for you non-stop! The best thing is that you would be able to manage and control your company from anywhere in the world provided you have access to the web.


  • Self-Employed

Having high rankings in Google provides you with a golden chance of success. Top ranking adds up to plenty of targeted visitors which leads to more profitable sites. Consequently, you can consider becoming self-employed and focus on your web business ventures full-time now. Owning an internet business enables you to have so much time freedom and financial freedom. This allows you to work at your own personal pace. You'll never have to work when you don't want to. You'd never have to ask for time off for vacation. Gone are the days where you'd have to work 8-10 hours a day as you do with a regular job. Most people that get a lot of traffic from Google can perhaps work on 1-3 hours a day Monday-Friday.


  • Financial Prosperity

Since you've got a successful internet business, you will probably prosper faster in life financially speaking. I had worked a job for 5 years before. There was no room for improvement! I have made 10x more online than any job I have ever had. The best part is that I no longer have to slave to make someone else's dream a reality. Really, the hardest part is when you are first starting online. You will have to learn a lot and get some automation software (which does not cost that much.)

You're missing out if you own an internet business and are not benefiting from the best internet search engine on the planet! So my advice to you is to start your online presence today and start to focus on your sites since the sooner you start the faster you'll see results.



Let me know what you think about this post! Did you learn anything by reading this post? I hope this will help you out in all of your online business ventures!



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